At LILA FILMS, we research, write, produce, direct, shoot and edit documentary films about the environment, science, health and sustainability. We believe that education has the power to expand awareness, create opportunities and transform lives so all of our films contain an important educational message. We tell stories from the soul so that viewers are inspired and empowered to take actions that make a difference. Much of our work is in service to saving our beautiful planet and all her inhabitants. We love making films about climate change, sustainability, environmental issues and public health. We work with a team of women cinematographers who are seasoned world-travelers and are sensitive to the needs and challenges of capturing personal stories in the field.

We create videos for non-profits that significantly increase organizations’ donations. Our films get broadcast on public television to millions of viewers. And our educational content is displayed in visitor centers, theatres, classrooms and on the web. If your mission is heart-centered, environmentally-driven and sustainability-focused, we want to work with you! Please contact us at 303-442-1966 to start the conversation.

LILA FILMS is named after the Sanskrit word that means “divine play” or “the interconnectedness of everything.” Lila is the dance of concealing and revealing, the movement of darkness and light, the mystery of shadow and substance, the delight in silence and sound. Lila embodies the full spectrum of experience: sorrow and joy, emptiness and fullness, death and life.

djf-in-scrubsDEBORAH FRYER
Founder | Producer | Director | Writer | Editor | Videographer

Deborah’s love of documenting other cultures began when she was twelve years old and living in Europe. By the time she graduated from high school, she had collected passport stamps from over a dozen countries and had learned seven languages. Her love of learning led her to earn a PhD in Classics and Comparative Literature at Princeton University. She then followed her passion into the field, where she worked as an Associate and Field Producer for NOVA, Frontline, PBS, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Turner Broadcasting, American Experience, National Audubon Society, the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. In 1999, she began producing, directing and writing films for History Channel, MSNBC, Warren Miller Films and HGTV. In 2004, Deborah founded LILA FILMS, a full-service video production company in Boulder, Colorado.

LILA FILMS specializes in telling stories about the interconnectedness between people, public health, and the environment. Deborah has filmed in Peru, Mali, Kenya, Tanzania, Panama, Mexico, Israel, Turkey, Italy, India, Bali, Thailand, Belize, England, as well as throughout the United States. She has filmed in countries without electricity and running water and in high tech operating rooms, in prisons, classrooms, laboratories, and community gardens. Wherever the story is, Deborah will follow it. She is an intrepid, compassionate and passionate storyteller. Deborah’s independent film SHAKEN: Journey into the Mind of a Parkinson’s Patient was broadcast on public television to millions of viewers and won numerous awards, including the 2007 Humanitarian Award, two Telly Awards and a CINE Golden Eagle Award.

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